Questions? We've Got Answers!

Where does The Great Bead Extravaganza take place?

The Great Bead Extravaganza takes place in our Facebook Group: All information listed below mentioning our "group" refers to that group.

What’s the schedule and where do I watch the live streams?

The Great Bead Extravaganza hosts events throughout the year. You can always find up to date information in our Facebook Group or on the home page of this site. Each presenter will conduct their own stream, so you will not see the content in one continuous broadcast. Some presenters may stream additionally to their own Facebook pages as well as in this group, but all broadcasts will be LIVE in our Facebook Group.

Find the PDF schedule for each event at this link in our files section in our Facebook Group.

Again, please note that all times posted are in Pacific Time. Need a time zone convertor? Find one here:

How do I know when the presenters go live?

Turn on notifications for the group so you won’t miss a live broadcast.

Instructions for desktop:

* From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu and select The Great Bead Extravaganza.
* Click the three dots below the group cover photo and select Manage Notifications.
* From here, select the All Posts option to get notifications when a LIVE broadcast begins.
* After the event you may wish to change the notification settings so as not to clutter up your FB notification feed.

Instructions for mobile:

* From your News Feed tap the three lines on the lower right of your screen.
* Tap Settings and Privacy.
* Tap Settings.
* Tap Notification Settings.
* From here, tap Groups and navigate to The Great Bead Extravaganza and under In-App Notifications choose All Posts.

What company is this event affiliated with?

This event is the brainchild of Sara Oehler of Soft Flex and Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery so we look to them as our leaders. However, this event is not associated with just one company and is a true collective effort with all of the participants contributing.

Is there a payment or kit required to participate?

No payment is required for access to the live or recorded content. Some participants have provided materials lists or kits to go along with their presentations. Find more information on who is providing kits at this link for group topics:

Again please note this is a free event and no payment or kit fees are required to enjoy this content.

How do I watch the sessions after they are recorded?

The sessions will remain in the group at the discretion of each individual presenter. To see what recordings are available after the event, you can search the presenter’s name in the group search. Post-event we will try to organize the remaining LIVE content so it can be easily found.

Where do I find the rules and guidelines for the group?

You can find this list pinned under announcements under the main group banner.

How do I invite friends to the group?

When you are on the group page, look under the banner and you will see images of members. Next to the images is a blue button to invite new members to the group. Click the button and type in friends you wish to invite. All are welcome.

How do I find posts from presenters on their topics, introductions, and kits (if they have made one)?

You can search the group by topics for specific posts relating to those topics. As of now the topic tags are: presenter introductions, classes & supply lists, and news from our presenters. Find topics under the pinned announcements on mobile, or on the right-hand of the screen on desktop under popular topics.

What if I don’t have Facebook? Can I watch?

Some presenters may do a simultaneous stream to on outside platform like YouTube, but this is up to each individual promoter. The majority of the content will be streamed and posted to our Facebook group.

I am having sound/video issues. HELP!

For best results when watching a LIVE broadcast, connect your device to a Wifi connection rather than use data to stream. If your screen is frozen or the sound drops out, simply click out of the app or close your browser page and log in again. This often rectifies the issue. For audio clarity, listen using earphones or earbuds, and make sure to have the sound on your device turned up and brighten your screen for optimum viewing.